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Mastering Draíocht

Mastering Draíocht - Druidic Studies is a three to four year program. Unlike other Druidic programs we do not separate paths into those of Bard, Ovate and Druid.  You will be educating yourselves in the ancient lore while at the same time applying what you learn to your own life today.  As we progress throughout the course you may find that your interests and abilities follow one of those traditional paths and certainly you may add what you feel is necessary to your studies. It should feel like a natural progression.

We teach this course though our sister site Beyond the Ninth Wave.

This will not be an attempt to reconstruct something from the past, but rather to learn what we can from the past as it applies to us today. At the completion of three years of this program, you will (hopefully) be living the life of a modern Druid with an understanding of our sacred connection to all that is. Should you wish ordination and recognition as Druid (clergy) a fourth year, focused on service to others, is required.

Because the Druids were the keepers of the history and spiritual practices of the Celtic Tribes, this course has a heavy emphasis on scholarship with a great deal of required reading. There are about 10-15 books that you will be required read each year (some purchased – others from library).  They include those we will study together as well as others read independently. The course will be activity filled as well with some fun tools to work with!

The course has been created using the Sacred Triads of Celtic Tradition of which there are many!  And will focus on the deities of the Tuatha de Danann and is primarily based on the Lore of Ireland and Scotland and the deities of the Tuatha de Danann. The first three years focus on the history and practices of the druids as well as personal self-mastery. The fourth year you learn the necessary skills necessary for service to others.

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Magic & Deity











 Year One is based on Knowledge of Self, within the Realm of Sea which corresponds to the Mind which is associated with the Cauldron of Warming, the first of the three Cauldrons of Poesy of Ancient Celtic Tradition. Students wear a blue cord.

Year Two is based on Knowledge of the World, within the Realm of Land which corresponds to the Body which is associated with the Cauldron of Vocation, the second of the three Cauldrons of Poesy of Ancient Celtic Tradition. Work on Knowledge of Self continues to build as well. Students add a green cord.

Year Three is based on Knowledge of Spirit, within the Realm of Sky which corresponds to the Spirit which is associated with the Cauldron of Knowledge, the third of the three Cauldrons of Poesy of Ancient Celtic Tradition. Work on Knowledge of Self and the World continue to build as well. Students add a yellow cord.

Year Four is focused on what lies in the center of the Three Realms and as well as running through all three as well as us connecting us to our Sacred Fire, the Holy Well, and the Tree of Creation.  Work on Knowledge of Self, the World and of Spirit will continue to build as well. Students add a red cord. Only students who are committed to service to others and who are willing to be holders"" of this tradition and teach others upon completion, are accepted into year four. 

When the entire course is successfully completed, the student is awarded the privilege of being known as Druid, Master of Draíocht and may wear the white cord. We offer a Master's Degree i Divinity for successful completion of three years of the program along with competion of a thesis.

For those completing four years and a dissertation, we offer a Doctorate in Ministry

Tuition for this course is $480 per year, paid quarterly. A discount is offered if paid for by the year. There is also a sizable investment in books each year.


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