Elyn Fiagh Dubh

Celtic KnotworkElyn Fiagh Dubh is a Spiritual Mentor and offers readings using the Ogham Few, Runes and Tarot. Donations for services are requested.   Donations are based on the depth and amount of time spent for the client and typically range anywhere from $10 to $100.


Ogham Fews   Ogham Readings

Readings for the day pulling one Few.

Three Few readings for more depth

Five for action steps

Life reading throwing the Few!


Futhark RunesRune Readings

Readings are each specific to the questions!


Mary-El Tarot Tarot Readings

One, three, five and 13 card spreads using the Mary-El Tarot!


Elyn Fiagh Dugh has been reading with these methods for over 20 years.

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