Outline of Our Year

We are using the calendar recently published in a book by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, the 13 Month, 28 Day Mago Almanac in which she divides the year into 13 equal months of 28 days plus one intercalary day each year with a second in the fourth year. The 28 day cycle is not only based on a woman’s menstrual cycle but also closely aligns with the 28 Mansions in Chinese and Vedic calendars. In this calendar, each month begins on Sunday and Fridays are always the 13th.

Month One   12/17/2018 – 1/14/2018 

Transition – Coming to life 

During this time, we will look at our preparation for this program. It will be a gathering of tools, practical tools on the earth plane as well as readiness at inner levels. We will look at our skills and weaknesses, where we excel and where we need work.  We will look at what commitment means and if we are ready for that. We will be getting “fired up!”

New Moon 12/17/2017
Winter Solstice 12/21/2018
Extra Day 12/22/2017
Full Moon 1/1/2017

Maiden/Sister One

Month Two    1/15/2017 – 2/11/2018

The Seeker
She is caught up in the fervor of the newness of goddess revelation. She is excited, enthused, often confused but knows where she wants to go even though the path is unclear. She is moved and uplifted by a great, joyful power beyond her intellectual ability to control or understand.  There is great ecstasy in this aspect, dynamism and a sexual or non-dual response which is felt intensely in the body.

Examples: Hathor; Shakti; Guinevere.

Dark Moon 1/15/2018
New Moon 1/16/2018
Full Moon 1/31/2018
Imbolc 2/2/2018

Month Three    2/12/2018 – 3/11/2018

The Initiate
She has walked through an open door and experienced new birth.  Her way here may have been paved with difficulties but now is the time to declare herself, to begin her journey with commitment. She may experience practical problems which she will learn to address. She will find practical solutions. All of which are her initiatory experiences.  She will find new ways with determination to help re-form her life.

Examples: White Buffalo Woman; Cardea; Cerridwen; Nimue’

Dark Moon 2/14/2018
New Moon 2/15/2018
Full Moon 3/01/2018

Month Four    3/12/2018 – 4/8/2017

The Warrior
She seeks to make right the wrongs of the world.  She is about justice, human rights, and personal dignity.  She challenges the status quo and defends the defenseless. She is an ally for all who are oppressed.

Examples: Ananke, Nemesis, Scathach

Dark Moon 3/16/2018
New Moon 3/17/2018
Spring Equinox 3/20/2018
Full Moon 3/31/2018

Month Five  4/9/2018 – 5/6/2018

Transition – Embracing Womanhood

Dark Moon 4/14/2018
New Moon 4/15/2018
Full Moon 4/29/2018
Beltane 5/1/2018

Mother/Sister Two

Month Six    5/7/2018 – 6/3/2018

The Healer
She is now concerned with patterns, shapes, destinies.  When she has explored the wild horizons, she has travelled to the limits of her destiny, and returned to understand and learn the patterns of her cyclic changes.  The Healer learns about energies – personal, within groups, and global.  She seeks to heal and make right, both within herself, with others, and on the Earth.

Examples: Mnemosyne; Maat; Kundry,

Dark Moon 5/147/2018
New Moon 5/15/2018
Full Moon 5/29/2018

Month Seven    6/4/2018 – 7/1/2018

The Creatrix
She is often seen as a witch or enchantress. She is concerned with appropriate shapes which provoke response.  She activates the strange alchemies of her being, blending her life-experiences to produce an individual weave which is her own inimitable signature to the world.  The Creatrix learns how to play again and to be a sensitive companion of Creation. She is the manifestor, the magician, the sorceress and the creatrix of all things new.

Examples: Circe; Neith; Ragnell.

Dark Moon 6/12/2018
New Moon 6/13/2018
Summer Solstice 6/21/2018
Full Moon 6/27/2018

Month Eight    7/2/2018 – 7/29/2018

The Priestess
She sustains and maintains life itself.  She is not concerned with bare survival but with intelligent and beneficial methods of living.  The Priestess shows us how to inhabit our spiritual tradition and breathe with it.  She can keep the hearth-fire of tradition burning and is able to warm others by her living example.  She is who passes it on and keeps it alive.  She is the gatherer, the nurturer and the one who instructs and sends others out into the world.

Examples: Brighid; Mary; Igraine.

Dark Moon 7/11/2018
New Moon 7/12/2018
Full Moon 7/27/2018

Month Nine 7/30/2018 – 8/26/2018

Transition – Facing Aging

Lammas 8/2/2018
Dark Moon 8/10/2018
New Moon 8/11/2018
Full Moon 8/26/2018

 Crone/Sister Three

 Month Ten    8/27/2018 – 9/23/2018

The Shadow
The Shadow may appear at any time.  She is concerned to root up whatever is unused and make it useful again.  So it is that she manifests in terrifying forms.  She knows she has met the Shadow when she starts to answer the questions she has been avoiding, when she courageously wades into the center of a problem, and faces up to her inadequacies and illusions.

Examples: Ereshkigal; Kali; Morgan.

Dark Moon 9/8/2018
New Moon 9/9/2018

Month Eleven    9/24/2018 – 10/21/2018

The Guardian
She is a guardian who upholds the boundaries which she has discovered.  She is concerned with transformative protection and merciful love.  When she experiences this aspect, she becomes fierce and tender at once towards her spiritual traditions. She makes sure that she find a warrior’s balance in her own guardianship and does not seek to create restrictive boundaries which keep her traditions in chains and preventd seekers from finding joy.

Examples: Durga; Sekhmet; Argante.

Full Moon 9/24/2018
Dark Moon 10/7/2018
New Moon 10/8/2018

Month Twelve   10/22/2018 – 11/18/2018

The Crone
The Crone stands alone. She bestows mature wisdom.  She is concerned with making a bridge between opposites, showing the still-point of beauty and harmony within all things and situations.  The Crone gives us the confidence to go out and teach, help or instruct in our ways.  We know when the Crone is at work in us when the deeply-rooted wisdom which lay unguessed within us flows freely.  She is the wise one, the one whose wise-blood is kept inside, who has lived many years and has accumulated great knowledge and wisdom. She leads us into the transition of death which then leads us to rebirth.

Examples: Isis; Mary Magdalene; Dindraine.

Full Moon 10/24/2018
Samhain 10/31/2018
Dark Moon 11/6/2018
New Moon 11/7/2018

Month Thirteen    11/19/2018 – 12/16/2018

Transition – Preparing for Death

Full Moon 11/22/2018
Dark Moon 12/5/2018
New Moon 12/6/2018