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“And the blessed wild apple,

Laughing for pride.

The tree most likely

To smile from the rock beside!”

“I am a lure from paradise” 

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The Apple Branch offers a varity of ways one can study in prepraration for service to the community.

One is a priestess tract in our traditional Dianic DruidCraft Mentoring program. Another is a priestess tract in feminist Dianic Wicca as originally introduced by Z Budapest.

Men study separately from the women, typically one on one with Bendis.

We recognize that men and women bring many talents and abilities to their practice and that some will wish to have a certain "specialty" that they brings to their practice that is uniquely their own.  We honor this diversity by allowing students to create "specialties" in their training with us.

Specialties may include, but are not limited to: Ritual Priest/ess, Druid Priest/ess, Green Man, Guardian Priestess, Healer Priest/ess, Temple Priest/ess, Creative Priest/ess (writing and the arts), Eco-Spiritual Priest/ess (environmental), etc.  We offer two separate study groups, a Goddess Centered group for women only and one for all genders.

All students will follow the prescribed course for Apple Branch Mentoring as well as chose a specialty for focus studies. They may have more than one focus area if they choose. 

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