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“And the blessed wild apple,

Laughing for pride.

The tree most likely

To smile from the rock beside!”

“I am a lure from paradise”  

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We of the Apple Branch identify as both Witches and as Druids. We believe that much of what we do was done by our ancestors the Celtic people aa well as the Volva’s of Northern Europe.  As such, we are creating a sacred life based on nature as did those ancestors.   They began in a time when men and women were equal in all ways.  Certain distinctions in societal roles  between men and women, did of course exist, but they were not prohibitive. They could often be reversed from the norm without stigma.   

We incorporate a way of life that is based on the beliefs and practices of our ancestors. Our teachings evolved from the animistic philosophies of the early people who merged to form the Celts and other European cultures. Thus, our ways are deeply rooted in the Ways of Nature and the Otherworld, a belief structure centered around the concept of "balance in all things". 

The cosmos is made up of three interconnected realms...Land, Sea and Sky interwoven with the Sacred Fire, the Divine Spark within all living and non-living beings. A woman of the Apple Branch follows the Lunar Cycles applying her knowledge of the Ogham as her guide. Work is done on the 13 New Moons, as well as on the Full and Dark Moons. She keeps the Cycle of the Year, that Great Spiral that guides her in her daily life. The pantheon followed is her personal choice. She believes that "like attracts like" thus, she works with the female divinities to allow for greater focus.     

The Apple Branch opens their practices to welcome deities from all cultures, so long as the practice is in keeping with a nature based philosophy. 

Service to the Goddess and to humanity is an important part of our life and character. We believe that there are many paths to enlightenment and to one path is "better" than another. All have validity. As such women of the Apple Branch serve in a variety of ways.  All are trained to assist others in life passages.  There are those who specialize in the healing arts.  They may be teachers, counselors and artists.  There are those who serve as "edge walkers" and who specialize in the awareness of and use of energy.  Regardless of the specialty, all work with the natural order of life, in balance and harmony with all. 

Magic is viewed as a potential for creation, a potential that exists within all things... living and non-living. We draw upon this energy and the energy within ourselves to bring into manifestation that which is needed for the highest good of all. We give thanks and offerings respectfully as we know that we still have much to learn. 

Specialties may include, but are not limited to: Ritual Priest/ess, Druid Priest/essGuardian Priestess, Healer Priestess, Temple Priestess, Creative Priestess (writing and the arts), Eco-Spiritual Priest/ess (environmental), etc. 

All will follow the prescribed course for Apple Branch Priest/ess Mentoring as well as chose a specialty for focus studies. She may have more than one focus area if she chooses. 

Overview of the possible components of the studies 

  • ·         Ogham

  • ·         Historical and Anthropological Roots of Goddess Worship

  • ·         Feminist Theology

  • ·         Core Shamanism

  • ·         Nature Studies

  • ·         Divination

  • ·         Eco-Spirituality

  • ·         Special Studies