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Certificates of Completion will be provided upon request.

Dancing With Goddess $40

Introductory course for those just having found Goddess.  The course gives the basic every beginning witch must know!


Working with the Elements $25

Exploratory course working with the Four Elements – within and without – Be-coming!


Feminism 101 $40

Exploration of the feminist movement and the basics of feminism.


Exploring Sensory Awareness $40

This course is designed to help a person explore techniques for expanding sensory awareness for the purpose of engaging in full body experience. The human body is designed to utilize all senses.  The study includes an appreciation for nature, in fact, a return to nature. The exercises will explore sensory perception with trees, plants, stones, and animals and other life forms around us. Awareness of our inclusion within the web of life will be stressed and the benefits of becoming more attuned with nature will be explored. Engaging in full-body awareness with all of life will broaden our appreciation of the “whole” and our inter-connectedness to the web of life.     


Intro to Magic $25

This course will guide you through the basic steps involved in magic/spellcasting and give you an understanding of the purpose and how it works. 


Introduction to Green Witchcraft $40

In this course you will learn how to walk the path of the green witch, working in harmony with nature as well as how to create sacred spaces that will help you make your home a protected, powerful place.


Introduction to Hedgecraft $40

In this course you will learn how to walk the path of the hedge witch, learning how to create sacred spaces that will help you make your home a protected, powerful place.



Introduction to Ceremonial Magic  $40

This course offers progressive lessons in magick using an easy-to-understand foundation based on the Kabalah.  It will guide you through the twelve introductory lessons in ceremonial (high) magick.  The teachings include material from the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn as well as other magickal traditions.               


Introduction to Hoo Doo $25

Hoodoo, also known as conjure, is a form of predominantly African-American traditional folk magic that developed from the syncretism of a number of separate cultures and magical traditions. It incorporates practices from African and Native American traditions, as well as some European magical practices.  This course is an introduction to HooDoo (rootwork!)\


Introduction to Chaos Magic $40

Chaos Magic posits no beliefs -- at least none to be considered absolutely "true". Nothing is true. You are therefore free to take anything you like and use it AS IF it were true. Everything is permitted. And the amazing thing is that even if you're _faking it_ it still works!


Ritual & Liturgy for Neo-Pagan Groups $40

This course is designed as an intensive in the process of creating and structure ritual and liturgy for Neopagan groups. Creating Circles & Ceremonies and Earth Path


Ethics and Professional Practice for Neo-Pagan Clergy $40

This course is designed to empower students seeking leadership roles within Wicca or Goddess-based paths to understand the religious ethics associated with these traditions and to be able to appropriately negotiate ethical dilemmas that emerge within such a profession. Further students will gain a definition of the parameters of professional practice and identity.


Energetic Boundaries  $40

In this course we will explore the concept of setting healthy personal boundaries as well as heal those already set that keep us from leading productive lives. We can create these boundaries and then selectively allow only what energies, people, guidance, situations, opportunities and healing into your life that you desire.


Psychic Self-Defense $40

The art of psychic protection is an ancient skill found in every time, place and culture. Throughout the history of the world, ordinary people have been careful to observe wise customs and maintain boundaries between themselves and spiritual harm.  This course will bring understanding and give you methods to employ to relieve psychic disturbance from your life.                 


The Goddess and Her Myths and Symbols $40

This course explores the concept of the Goddess or Female Deity Principal through myth and the associated symbols.


History of Goddess Worship $40

This course will look at the archaeological and anthropological research of Goddess worship in pre-history and antiquity, competing theories will be explored.


Weaving Magical Webs $25

This is a short mini course on weaving magical webs.


The Triple Goddess Archetype $40

This course will explore in-depth the guiding themes of Goddess tradition associated with the image of the Triple Goddess.  It will look at both the thealogical implications and personal application in daily life.


Sacred Groves $40

Sacred Groves: Creating and Sustaining Neopagan Covens is an in-depth exploration of the role of groups within Neopagan religious practice.


Teaching Children in Pagan Traditions $40

Here we explore the many ways in which we may teach our children pagan values, views and perspectives on life.


The Use of Thought Forms in Magical Practice $40

Learn about as well as how to create and use magical thought forms.


Death & Dying $40

An exploration of pagan views on death and dying and ways in which to honor a passing.


Crystals & Gemstones $40

Working with gemstones and crystals will allow you to lean about our stone family and how they can assist us in life.  The course incudes getting to know them, choosing them for magical, spiritual and healing work and how to keep them strong and healthy.


Pagan Sabbats $40

This course will explore in-depth the historical, symbolic and philosophical meanings of all eight

Sabbats in Wicca.  Course follows a full-year cycle to carry students through all 8 celebrations.


Pagan Esbats $40

This course explores the role of Moon celebrations within Wicca; students attend at least 2

online Esbats during the semester of study and also are provided with practical experience in

crafting Esbat rituals.


Spiritual Mentoring $40

Learn how to develop your own spiritual mentoring program.


Intro to Divination $40

An introduction to various types of divination to use for insight into our spiritual development.


Northern European Traditions


Runes -  the Three Aetts $30 each Aett

Exploration of the 24 Futhark Runes – History and Meaning


Runes and Magic $30

Application of the runes to magical workings  


Runes and Divination $30

Using the Futhark runes for divination


Runes Practicum for Certification $100

Students must do 25 free readings for clients.  Clients provide feedback to instructor.


Angrboða and Her Monster Children $25

Angrboða is the Norse Giantess known as the Mother of Monsters. Come explore the story of Angrboða and her monster children and through the story, delve into your own shadow to discover your hidden potential.


The Giants of Jotunheimr $40

This course is designed to introduce students to the Giants of Northern European mythology and to explore them as powerful archetypes for our own very human behavior.  The Giants were the very first beings to be discussed in the historical lore. They are “larger than life” figures, very primal in their energies and so help us to get down to the core of some of our own often disturbing energies.


World Shamanism


Siberian/Mongolian Shamanism $40

This course will critically examine the texts by the Mongolian Shaman Sarangerel and includes an exploration of Siberian–Mongolian Shamanism


Modern  Shamanic Traditions $40

This course examines diverse traditions of shamanism in contemporary practice, with specific attention to leaders in these traditions and their interpretation of the shaman’ s role.


Anthropology of Shamanism $40

This course examines critical themes of shamanism and shamanic practice, with specific attention to cultural contexts that serve to define shamanism and practice.


Jewish Shamanism $40

This course looks at the historical and contemporary vision of shamanism within Jewish



African Shamanism $40

This course looks at the historical and contemporary vision of shamanism within African



Teutonic/Germanic Shamanism $40

This course looks at the historical vision of shamanism within Teutonic.German

Tradition. Learn and understand the roots of modern Seidr practice.


Medicine for the Earth $40

An exploration of the work of Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth.


VooDoo $40

This course explores the history and ritual life of Voodoo, as well as specific examination of Voodoo as a shamanic path.  


Celtic Studies


Ogham – Ancient Alphabet $60 per quarter year

In this course we study the Ancient Ogham believed to have been used by the Druids to hold the Mysteries of their teachings.



As Above So Below - Cauldrons of Poesy $40

In this course we will examine the three-fold systems of Druidic origin, As Above ~ So Below, by examining the Three Realms, The Cauldrons of Poesy and the Nine Dúile.               


Annym Billagh $40

This course teaches the Annym Billagh method of healing working with Earth energy and the energy of trees.


Mastering Draíocht  $480 per year


Druidic Studies  is taught through Beyond the Ninth Wave which is the Celtic/Druidic arm of The Apple Branch.

Because the Druids were the keepers of the history and spiritual practices of the Celtic Tribes, this course has a heavy emphasis on scholarship with a great deal of required reading. The course has been created using the Sacred Triads of Celtic Tradition of which there are many!  And will focus on the deities of the Tuatha de Danann and is primarily based on the Lore of Ireland and Scotland and the deities of the Tuatha de Danann. The first three years focus on the history and practices of the druids as well as personal self-mastery. The fourth year you learn the necessary skills necessary for service to others.

Year One is based on Knowledge of Self, within the Realm of Sea which corresponds to the Mind which is associated with the Cauldron of Warming, the first of the three Cauldrons of Poesy of Ancient Celtic Tradition.

Year Two is based on Knowledge of the World, within the Realm of Land which corresponds to the Body which is associated with the Cauldron of Vocation, the second of the three Cauldrons of Poesy of Ancient Celtic Tradition. Work on Knowledge of Self continues to build as well.

Year Three is based on Knowledge of Spirit, within the Realm of Sky which corresponds to the Spirit which is associated with the Cauldron of Knowledge, the third of the three Cauldrons of Poesy of Ancient Celtic Tradition. Work on Knowledge of Self and the World continue to build as well.

Year Four is focused on what lies in the center of the Three Realms and as well as running through all three as well as us connecting us to our Sacred Fire, the Holy Well, and the Tree of Creation.  Work on Knowledge of Self, the World and of Spirit will continue to build as well. The work of this year is focused on gathering the tools to be of service to others.

Druidic Shamanism
$120 per level

Druidic Shamanism is taught through Beyond the Ninth Wave which is the Celtic/Druidic arm of The Apple Branch. It will be taught in three, 11 week sessions.  Level One will focus on the basis of Celtic Spiritual Landscape and basic technique. Level Two brings a deeper look at the three levels of the Otherworld and their plains as well as healing techniques for self and Level Three delves deeper into healing others as well as soul retrieval.