Dianic Witchcraft

dianic_traditionOur Dianic Witchcraft Program is open to all Women who wish to study in the Tradition of Dianic Wicca as originated by Z Budapest and receive clergy certification as a Priestess in the Tradition after satisfactory completion of the prescribed classes.

All women will follow a similar course for Dianic Witchcraft Priestess Mentoring, as well as chose whatever studies in her specialty. She may have more than one focus area if she chooses.



Initiation Rites are held for all new incoming students.


Those students who are interested in ordination as priestesses must complete the appropriate classes. Qualification will be determined by the student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, personal and professional readiness. Such readiness will be determined by your mentor and/or Bendis, Mother of our Tradition.

By the time the work is completed, each student will have done the work of the Tradition and will be considered for ordination.

The Apple Branch does not offer the title of high priestess in the Tradition of Dianic Wicca until such time that the work of the priestess is wide-spread and she holds a broader scope for her work than just at a local level. It is offered in recognition of her contributions to the Dianic Tradition.

Classes can be viewed here

Our full brochure may be viewed online Click Here

This program is entirely online. It is a combination of an online classroom setting as well as a Yahoo Group for conversation. We ask for a monthly donation of $60 to help our founder keep this program online. Once enrolled in the program you will have access to all Apple Branch Classes and mentoring services to guide you through the process. Please read over all material before offering a donation as we do not offer refunds on donations. We really want this to be right for you!

For further information, please contact Bendis. Please be aware that class size is limited, so act now if this is for you!