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Pentacle-circumscribedThose within the Apple Branch identify as Dianic Witches. Many of us follow a course of study heavily based on Druidic and Faerie lore. As such, we are creating a sacred life based on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors that includes being at one with nature. Can one be Dianic and Faerie and Druidic? There is nothing in any teachings that tell the followers what to believe. The Celtic people were a collection of tribes held loosely together by a common language. They shared similar beliefs but their deities were local to them. That is because their deities and sacred traditions focused on the Land, Sea and Sky right where they lived. They were the center of their own Universe. Many of them held a belief in One Source as the Giver of Life while at the same time saw many sources as sacred and deified them as well.

Dianic FaerieCraft Program

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Dianics hold a belief in One Source, as well as honoring many deities, just as there are many creatures all birthed from that One Source. We choose to call that Source, Goddess – a Mother – a Giver of Life. You might say that it is even a political statement. The energy of who a mother is and what she feels for her children, how she loves, unconditionally. We believe that this is the energy needed in our world today. As a part of that we hold dear those we call Faerie, who are the spirits in nature as well as those from the Otherworld.

Dianic does not mean “only for women.” There are many men who also think and feel this way. Feminist Dianic Wicca has claimed this term because within the Tradition, Women’s Mysteries are celebrated which truly are for women only. We honor both within the Apple Branch for both hold true to a Female Source of Life.

ogham_wheelWe incorporate a way of life that is based on the beliefs and practices of the ancient Celtic people. Our teachings evolved from the Shamanistic philosophies of the early people who merged to form the Celts. Thus, our ways are deeply rooted in the Ways of Nature and the Otherworld, a belief structure centered around the concept of “balance in all things.” In-depth study of the Ogham in integral to the Dianic FaerieCraft Program.

The Apple Branch opens their practices to welcome deities from all cultures, so long as the practice is in keeping with a nature based philosophy.

The Celtic Tree Mysteries

The Celtic Tree mysteries provide the backbone of our teaching and the cycles for the sacred year. We are guided through each lunar and solar event and festival, learning the cycles of the year, the movement of the energies of the Earth and how to better prepare for the esoteric changes that occur around and within us as the year progresses.

The Mysteries of the Trees also teach us about ourselves and our environment. When truly understood, the Celtic Tree Mysteries also bring about profound personal change and a deepening of our spiritual core.
goddess_collage Service to Goddess and to the Land is an important part of our focus. We believe that there are many paths to enlightenment and to truth … no one path is “better” than another. All have validity. As such those of the Apple Branch serve in a variety of ways. All are trained to assist others in life passages. There are those who specialize in the healing arts. They may be teachers, counselors and artists. There are those who serve as “edge walkers” and who specialize in the awareness of and use of energy. Regardless of the specialty, all work with the natural order of life, in balance and harmony with all.

Magic is viewed as a potential for creation. A potential that exists within all things…living and non-living. We draw upon this energy and the energy within ourselves to bring into manifestation that which is needed for the highest good of self and others. We give thanks and offerings respectfully as we knows we still have much to learn.

centerOur cosmos is made up of three interconnected realms…Land, Sea and Sky interwoven with the Sacred Fire, the Divine Spark within all living and non-living beings. Some in the Apple Branch follow the Lunar Cycles applying their knowledge of the Ogham as their guide. Work is done on the 13 New Moons, as well as on the Full and Dark Moons. Some follow the thirteen lunar cycles with their focus on Goddesses from all over the world. We keep the Cycle of the Year, that Great Spiral that guides us in our daily life. Family is important to us. Our Tribe is important to us. Our values are important to us. Wisdom is a worthy goal!

Our programs are run entirely on donations according to ability to pay.  The suggested donation for this program is $60 per month but we are always open to discussing partial scholarships based on need.  Donations are not refundable so read over the material offered before sending any money! We truly want you to be comfortable with who we are and what we offer.

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  1. I’ve taken to add Wonder Woman into my Matron Goddesses, and she is very much like Diana, but I see Dianic based wicca isn’t for men?

    sad. Guess I can always be solitary.

    1. Not so! There are several different Dianic Traditions all but one include men. The Apple Branch is a multi-gender tradition – it is just that my online group is for only women. Men who work with me do so individually. That is becasue I never have more than one at a time!

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