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The Oracle is published just prior to each of the eight Sabbats in our Wheel of the Year. We welcome submissions from all, as long as the content is appropriate to our publication. Because Global Goddess is an organization for women, our e-zine is written to appeal to that audience. If you are interested in submitting to The Oracle please read submission guidelines on that tab.

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4 thoughts on “Global Goddess Oracle”

  1. Today is post-Gwyl Mair, the full moon following Imbolc and I am assuming this blog is a gift from the Goddess. 🙂 I am an artist and yoga instructor in North Texas, a solitary, and found your blog through a yoga associate, Erin. I look forward to reading and following your blog. == AnnieKate

    1. Hello! I did not ever receive a notice that we had a comment. I am sorry for the time it has taken to reply. I am happy you found us. I hope you found us on Facebook. Just do a search for Global Goddess if you would like to join us there.
      Many blessings,

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