The Iseum Benedictus is dedicated to Hathor-Isis, Hekate, and Aine, offering a spiritual home for Her sons and daughters. Within our Temple, we celebrate Her Mysteries, offering the rites of the Fellowship of Isis. We are currently offering this online, complete with our online seminary for training.

The Fellowship of Isis is dedicated to honoring the Goddess in Her many forms. It was founded at Clonegal Castle, Ireland at the Vernal Equinox of 1976. The founders were Olivia Robertson, her brother Lawrence and his wife, Pamela Durdin-Robertson.

The FOI is multi-religious, multi-racial, and multi-cultural. It is dedicated to honoring the religion of all the Goddesses and pantheons throughout the planet.

The Gods are also venerated within the FOI. All members retain their own faiths and beliefs and are encouraged to blend their own practices with those of the Fellowship’s own Liturgy. There are no vows to take, nor secrecy to keep. The only requirement before joining the FOI is agreement with the principles in the Manifesto. Membership in the Fellowship of Isis is free. Members may charge tuition for the training curriculum of their own centers: “Charges may be made for books and courses.” (Olivia Robertson, Nov. 2011).

Hathor-IsisLove/Compassion – Hathor- Isis – to the Mother of All, may compassion be my guide. May She infuse as well as temper all that I do with love. May I see Her in All.


AineBeauty –  committed to Áine,  Faerie Mother, to share the pleasure and joy of loving Goddess through nature, my garden of herbs, my art, dance, and voice.


Truth/Wisdom – Hekate – my dedication in service to Goddess with my work with women. May Hekate be my guide.  May She guide me in my voice for justice. As Her priestess I offer myself to this work.

In the name of the Goddess whose attributes are Love, Beauty and Truth, may all beings be blessed: the Sidhe and humans, animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, trees, plants, this Earth and all the Elements.



Iseums of the Sacred Spiral

Hearths of the Goddess

“Iseums are not enclosed circles keeping members in, and outsiders out; they are spirals reaching out to the cosmos!”
Olivia Robertson

Olivia Robertson writes in the Iseum Manual (2003 ed.)
“How we long for a group of friends! Family is our past: friendship is our present: a Pantheon for our future. The wayfarer wanders alone through hedged fields and high mountains: the solitary soul moves among the stars and makes circuitous routes through the enigmatic darkness of space. He may even traverse the black tunnels, mortuaries of exploded stars, and through black holes find untold Heavens. But always, in the labyrinth of passing time, eternity eludes the cosmic pilgrim. For eternity is not in the seeking, but in the finding. It is the goal of the quest, not the quest itself. It is the stillness within mighty storms and the love that does not torture through denial but is expressed through kindness.”

Fellowship of Isis Iseums

An Iseum is a “Hearth of the Goddess” where Fellowship members may draw strength, love and inspiration. An Iseum may provide spiritual offerings, seasonal rites, and overall fellowship. Each Iseum has its own magic, its own Divinity, and is dedicated to a Goddess (or a Goddess and a God). An Iseum may consist of one, or many members and its members may practice any other personal religion or path.

Each Iseum has its own unique purpose inspired by the overseeing Deity or Deities. Some objectives include (but are not limited to): performing healing work, celebrating the seasons of the year, environmental conservation, honoring of a particular pantheon, shamanic work, performing Fellowship ritual, studying cultural heritage, animal welfare, and exploring various spiritual subjects. The overseeing Deity motivates and provides each Founder with the individual Iseum intention. This purpose is free to change and evolve.

An Iseum may also offer Priesthood training if the Administrator is ordained within the Fellowship and Alchemical Degree training to members of the FOI Priesthood if s/he is a Priest/ess Alchemist. Adepts within the Spiral of the Adepti give training in the Initiate Level system. Courses for these may be taken in person or through correspondence, with an FOI Iseum.

For more information on Iseums, see the appropriate section below:

Iseum Initiate Level System

Applying to an Iseum

Founding and Managing an Iseum

Center Directories

Guidelines for all Centers

FOI Priesthood Training

Iseum Publications

© O. Robertson, Foundation Center Temple

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy List in Alphabetical Order

About Bendis

Deanne Quarrie, D. Min., HPS

While given the name Deanne at birth, Deanne is known as Bendis, Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears, within the Goddess spirituality community. Her work as a priestess began in the eighties and has been dedicated to helping women toward self-empowerment and in sharing with them the ecstasy of our Dance with Her. Her contributions have been devoted towards weaving webs across boundaries and continents, networking and pointing seekers far and wide, serving as moderator for many e-groups, serving as both peacekeeper and technical advisor for thousands of women as they grew in Goddess. She loves being in service to Goddess and promotes learning through diversity–a life-long passion for her.

Deanne became a high priestess in the “Old” Dianic Tradition (now known as McFarland) in 1991. She then became a high priestess in the Faerie Faith tradition in 1998. Finally, Deanne was ordained as a high priestess by Z Budapest in 2000. Her work with the Apple Branch combines all of these traditions.

Deanne’s passion for the Ogham and the Mysteries they hold, led her deeper into her own personal path of both Druidism and Seidr, both from a Dianic perspective. There is no “one way” and so, Deanne brings her own unique perspective to living life.

Deanne has published six books and her works include Dancing with Goddess, From the Branch–The Ogham for Spiritual Growth, Her Breath, Annym Billagh: Healing with the Tree Ogham, Ogham Twigs, and the Seeker’s Handbook. She is currently working on a book entitled, Embody the Goddess.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1dqdark1.jpgBendis in a dramatic performance as a Dark Goddess

Deanne is the founder of The Apple Branch offering mentoring programs for those who wish to be of service in their communities. In 2002, Deanne founded and runs the organization, Global Goddess, an online community of women who are committed to social/eco justice and publishes the Global Goddess Oracle, an online magazine for women.

Deanne recently spent time in Brazil working with Mavesper Cy Ceridwen and the Dianic Tradition of Brazil at the Templo da Deusa outside of Brasilia, Brazil. She has now returned to the United States to continue her work online and in Austin, Texas. She was invited back by Claudiney Prieto twice, but sadly her health prevented those trips. Claudiney is a high priest in her tradition, The Apple Branch – A Dianic Tradition, and through the years they have become very close friends.

Deanne has been a member if the Fellowship of Isis since the 90’s and In 2018, Deanne realized her desire to become ordained as a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis, by Claudiney Prieto, which has allowed her to open this Iseum.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nana_hazel1_crop.jpg

Note from Bendis: Really, I am a crazy old woman with pink hair and a vibrant love for life. Living my life with Goddess has helped me recapture the joy, imagination and play of my girlhood. If I can say one thing to you it would be,

“Be all that you can be. Open yourself to the divine soul that you are and walk hand in hand with Her. Dance with Her. Make love with Her. Write poetry and sing Her Many Names.”


Áine and the Giant Leap

Summer Solstice is a traditional time to honor Aine, Goddess of Love, Light, and Fertility who is also Queen of the Faeries. Aine’s name means “Bright” and She is typically honored when the sun is at its peak of power.  The Solstice is associated with abundance, beauty and bounty.  It is not necessarily about the …

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