HekateWelcome to Hekate’s Tribe in Austin, Texas. We invite you to join us here at our website. Once you are registered as a user, you are encouraged to use our Forum for conversation. Might as well be up front about who we are. We are witches!  Yes, we practice witchcraft.  I get asked quite often when I tell people I am a witch, if I am a good witch or a bad witch. Well, a good witch can do her magic for good or ill, the energy behind it all comes from the same place.  Personally, I would say we are good witches and that we work our magic for the good of all.

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Hekate’s Tribe is open to all seekers of any gender. Those of us who have chosen to be here on this path are working toward or have already made a dedication to Hekate.  She is a wonderful guide.  She can lead us in any direction we choose. If we have trouble deciding for ourselves which way to go, She may just kick us right across the threshold. She doesn’t have a lot of patience! The wonderful thing about her though, is that if we have nurtured our relationship with Her, She will be right there to hold our hand as we journey down the road taken.

Our Hekatean Witchcraft is an Initiatory Path. We delve into the Mysteries, for it is through those Mysteries that we gain wisdom and spiritual growth.  We cannot give you understanding of those Mysteries for they come from within doing your own spiritual work.  We can however, offer tools and methods that we have used ourselves and that work for us. We study together, we do ritual together and over time and dedication, become a very close family.  A family you can count on.

There is structure in our practice and those who join us have several options. Let me see if I can break it down for you. First, we have what we call the Outer Circle. Most people in the Outer Circle are studying as well as attending Sabbat rituals, doing their own assigned private rituals, personal studies as assigned, and attending classes that we offer.  None ever need go beyond being a member of the Outer Circle. However, if one wishes to learn more and grow within our tradition, and if they have completed the assigned studies (no sooner than a year and a day), they may seek initiation. We require that full year and a day because it takes one full turning of the Wheel. to experience our Tradition throughout all the seasons. That allows you to get to know our Tradition more fully as well as just getting to know each other.  We encourage all in the Outer Circle to learn about more than just our Tradition. Visit other tradition’s rituals, learn all you can! We do ask that you attend our Sabbats – and classes – all of them!

Here are some of the things you will be learning in the Outer Circle:

  • Circle casting
  • Meditation
  • The elements
  • Basic magic
  • Working with energy
  • Herbalism
  • Astrology
  • Introductory Quabala
  • Tarot as a meditational tool
  • Tarot for divination
  • Hekate and Her Companions
  • Other forms of divination
  • Methods of building personal relationships with the Goddesses and Gods
  • Creating ritual
  • Ethics
  • Responsibilities of Priesthood
  • Magical use of crystals and stones
  • ritual etiquette
  • Our Tradition’s Laws
  • Magical uses of songs and chants

With initiation, comes entry into the Inner Circle and one is considered a First Degree Priest or Priestess.. It is within the Inner Circle that we do our group lunar rites and/or magical activism . As a part of the Inner Circle, you will help others as they walk their path. Studies become perhaps, more intense, but really there is no time limit set for any student.  We all have lives to live, with work, family obligations, etc.  The Inner Circle is the Coven and where one takes all the necessary steps toward becoming a high priest or high priestess and at that point, may hive off to form their own Coven. Members of the Inner Circle are required to help members of the Grove with their studies, teach and offer workshops, as well as plan and lead ritual celebrations. That is all part of the training. For those in other religions, those who wish to become the clergy of that religion, study for years to obtain their ordination. We do not think we should be any different.  It is a sacred responsibility.

We have set high standards for ourselves and our path has a heavy emphasis on learning, acquiring knowledge, followed with practical application. We work hard. We love to play and go barefoot on the Earth. Our Sabbats are family affairs, with the exception of Samhain, which is too difficult for small children.  Our lunar rites are for adults only.  We do not teach anyone under the age of 18, but certainly, we are willing to help you teach your own children.

Would you like to take this journey with us?