Welcome to the Apple Branch

apple2There are several branches in our Apple Tree. One branch leads you into what we call Dianic FaerieCraft,  a nice blending of Dianic Witchcraft and the old traditional teachings of the Bandrui of the Celtic people.

The second branch is the foundation of our tradition, Feminist Dianic Wicca, where we explore our Womens Mysteries, the Goddess and ourselves.

A third branch digs deeply into Druidism with our Mastering Draíocht program at Beyond the Ninth Wave. ‘We also offer teachings in the Northern European paths of Runecraft, Galdr and Seidr.

Plus we have something new coming! A new school called Dancing with Goddess which is for the individual wishing to explore classes with no long- term commitment. We are developing an entirely new classroom environment that we are very excited about. Our classes will include audio and video presentations with personal gatherings with each other using video conferencing.

Here is a little of the old teachings ….

roebuck_adultThe Roebuck hides in the thicket and the cuckoo utters, “where?” The Roebuck hides at the apple tree – the noblest tree of all, it is the tree of immortality through wisdom, the wild apple tree of the Sacred Thicket, the tree that hides the Roebuck.

The clue to the secret of the apple is to be found hidden within the apple. When the apple was cut cross-wise by Cuchulain’s sword, “night fell”. For when the apple is cut cross-wise each half shows a five pointed star in the center, emblem of immortality, which represents the Goddess in Her five stations from birth to death and back to birth again.

“I am a lure from paradise”

applestarThe popular conception of a grove is a collection of exceptionally well-formed trees set in a place of outstanding natural beauty. Under the friendly sheltering boughs of these arboreal sanctuaries our forebears were inspired to contemplate the wonders of the universe, particularly the countryside in which they themselves lived, and perhaps were prompted to first ask the question, “who created such beauty?”

stand as one