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“And the blessed wild apple,

Laughing for pride.

The tree most likely

To smile from the rock beside!”

“I am a lure from paradise” 

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The Roebuck hides in the thicket and the cuckoo utters, "where?" The Roebuck hides at the apple tree - the noblest tree of all, it is the tree of immortality through wisdom, the wild apple tree of the Sacred Thicket, the tree that hides the Roebuck.

The clue to the secret of the apple is to be found hidden within the apple. When the apple was cut cross-wise by Cuchulain's sword, "night fell". For when the apple is cut cross-wise each half shows a five pointed star in the center, emblem of immortality, which represents the Goddess in Her five stations from birth to death and back to birth again.

"I am a lure from paradise"

The popular conception of a grove is a collection of exceptionally well-formed trees set in a place of outstanding natural beauty. Under the friendly sheltering boughs of these arboreal sanctuaries our forebears were inspired to contemplate the wonders of the universe, particularly the countryside in which they themselves lived, and perhaps were prompted to first ask the question, "who created such beauty?"

Members of the Apple Branch identify as both Witches and as Druids, practicing Druidism in a modern sense, following in the steps of those long ago. We use the Sacred Tree Alphabet as a model of continuity of the energies of both the lunar and solar year combined with a great deal of practical experience in all areas of service to others. When coming to the Apple Branch, one may choose our Ogham based path of study or choose a Feminist Dianic focus in service to others.

Our approach to our magic is to remove the focus from the cerebral ~ to bring the energy down into the body ~ thereby removing barriers and limits to personal ecstasy and fulfillment. This is not always an easy approach, but in the long run becomes a full experience of the whole self, embodying all of our personal magic into an ecstatic experience.
We consider our work to be shamanic.

Within the Apple Branch you are invited to work with "the divine madness of the shaman." It calls you to journey to the Otherworld by its many names - Avalon, Avallach, Tir na Og, Eamhain Abhlach. Apple also represents the spiritual warrior who fears not to travel beyond the mortal realm to face death, sacrifice, and hardship, in order to benefit his or her tribe. The apple branch represents shelter and protection on these intense shamanic journeys. Apple invites you to dare to be different in order to discover your own truth. The apple offers protection, strength, comfort, and respite for your ordeal.

For more information about some of what we study see my website,
The Blue Roebuck.  If you are planning to study with us - this sight has information on the Ogham.

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