Aine and the Giant Leap

Summer Solstice is a traditional time to honor Aine, Goddess of Love, Light, and Fertility who is also Queen of the Faeries. Aine’s name means “Bright” and She is typically honored when the sun is at its peak of power.  The Solstice is associated with abundance, beauty and bounty.  It is not necessarily about the harvest season, as that is yet to come.  However, everywhere we look we can see the abundance of the Mother and so it is when we first acknowledge, with joy, what is before us.

In my Tradition, the Summer Solstice falls within the Oak Moon, the Moon in which we “court the lightning bolt.”  What that means to us is that with our roots planted firmly in the ground, as does the Oak tree, now is the time to take all of our plans and put them into action.  “Go for it” is what we are saying to ourselves and to the world.

We call on Aine for aide in love, fertility and prosperity. We ask for Her help in claiming our own power and in experiencing true joy in life.

In this rite our work will involve taking a look at the preparations we made earlier in the year and then looking at all the work we have done leading up to this moment. In order to bring in the last of our bounty, those dreams not yet manifest, now is the time for us to take a “leap of faith.” Aine is calling to us saying, “Take a risk, and put your heart’s true desire into action!” It is time to “Court the Lightning Bolt.”

If we have been procrastinating – that has to stop. Indecision – putting off – all of that has to go away.  We need to understand that now is the time for decision making.  We must trust that the Universe will support our decisions.  This is our magic!  For once we make a decision – once we decide to act – doors open!  Once our intention is made known. We will be supported and what we need will fall into place.

Aine is asking us to take a leap of faith and jump wholeheartedly into putting the dream into play!

With our work done in the discovery process of what is already done, as well as what still needs to be done, we call upon Aine. We say to Her, to the Universe and to any there who listen, “I now take the Leap. With your help, Aine, I am ready! This is my Will. So Mote It Be!”

One other little part of Aine’s story is of particular interest to me.  My tradition, The Apple Branch has its roots in the Faerie Faith Tradition

Aine is known for teaching human children about love, both by taking human men as lovers and also by teaching humans how to share and express love in sacred ways. She gave birth to many children, some of them with mortal men and with those unions, created a magical Faerie-Human race.

Throughout time, we humans have inquired about our origins.  Where did we come from?  Are we star seeds?  A mix between gods and human animal forms? Did we breed with aliens?

We of the Faerie Faith, know that our origins began with the Fey. We love to think that we are those Faerie-Human Children of Aine, and hence our connection to the Gods of Old.  Perhaps you as well?

Anyway, returning to our original story… Are you ready to reach for the stars?  Are you ready to leave that place of indecision and with gusto, take a giant leap to claim what is yours? Take the power of the Sun from Summer Solstice and with the Full Moon coming up, call on Aine to guide and protect you in your own Giant Leap!  She may come to you as Lair Derg, a red mare that no one can outrun or She may be Beautiful Aine with long red hair, held by a headband of fallen stars. Either way, She walks among us, offering aide where She is needed.

May the Goddess of Light, Love and Fertility, bring us the sun’s power and life force and the moon’s mystery of intuition and regeneration. May She be with you and protect you as you move through these glorious days of Summer.