Angrboða and Her Monster Children

angrbodaWe have very little upon which to base our knowledge of the ancient “beings” of Norse mythology.  Bits and pieces have been handed down to us, first written after thousands of years of oral storytelling and then done so in cryptic poetry by those who were not necessarily “believers.”

There is a rich heritage of stories, all reflecting human nature, portrayed for us in a series of events with a cast of characters that includes giants, god and goddess, elves, dwarves, humans, birds, reptiles and animals.  These stories all revolve around ancient people born of the creative force of ice and fire, all living with nine realms, on or around a giant tree named Yggdrasill.

These stories, as with all mythology, give us glimpses into our own character and nature.  They help us, if we look close enough, to understand and to work through the many difficulties we encounter in our lives.

Her Monster ChildrenIn the land of the Northern Europeans, the very first beings were the giants and giantesses.  I call them the Jötun folk for they come from the realm of Jötunheimr.

Angrboða is the Norse Giantess known as the Mother of Monsters. Her monster children were Fenrir, Hela and Jormungandr.

Come explore the story of Angrboða and her monster children and through their stories, delve into your own shadow to discover your hidden potential. This is a full day workshop and will include meditation, reflection, sacred mask making and a sacred dance of merging.

This workshop brought to you by …  Bendis

deanne_2011_B_smDeanne Quarrie, D. Min., HPS

While given the name Deanne at birth, Deanne is known as Bendis, Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears, within the Goddess spirituality community. Her work as a priestess began in the eighties and has been dedicated to helping women toward self-empowerment and in sharing with them the ecstasy of our Dance with Her. Her contributions have been devoted towards weaving webs across boundaries and continents, networking and pointing seekers far and wide, serving as moderator for many e-groups, serving as both peacekeeper and technical advisor for thousands of women as they grew in Goddess. She loves being in service to Goddess and promotes learning through diversity–a life-long passion for her.

Deanne became a high priestess in the “Old” Dianic Tradition (now known as McFarland) in 1991. She then became a high priestess in the Faerie Faith tradition in 1998. Finally, Deanne was ordained as a high priestess by Z Budapest in 2000. Her work with the Apple Branch combines all of these traditions.

Deanne’s passion for the Ogham and the Mysteries they hold, led her deeper into her own personal path of both Druidism and Seidr, both from a Dianic perspective. There is no “one way” and so, Deanne brings her own unique perspective to living life.

darkdqDeanne has published five books and her works include Dancing with Goddess, From the Branch–The Ogham for Spiritual Growth, Her Breath, Annym Billagh: Healing with the Tree Ogham, and Ogham Twigs. She is currently working on a book entitled, Embody the Sacred as well as one on Celtic Shamanism.

Bendis in a dramatic performance as a Dark Goddess

Deanne is the founder of The Apple Branch offering mentoring programs for those who wish to be of service in their communities. In 2002, Deanne founded and runs the organization, Global Goddess, an online community of women who are committed to social/eco justice and publishes the Global Goddess Oracle, an online magazine for women.

This from Bendis …

Really, I am a crazy old woman with pink hair and a vibrant love for life. Living my life wnana_hazel1_cropith Goddess has helped me recapture the joy, imagination and play of my girlhood. If I can say one thing to you it would be,

“Be all that you can be. Open yourself to the divine soul that you are and walk hand in hand with Her. Dance with Her. Make love with Her. Write poetry and sing Her Many Names.”

Blessed Be.
Deanne Quarrie, D. Min., HPS