Welcome to the Apple Branch


Exciting things are happening within the Apple Branch. We now offer three separate pathways (soon to be four) for those seeking knowledge of the Goddess, witchcraft and possible ordination with completed studies. Ordination certainly is a worthy goal but not everyone seeks that. We welcome all to the Apple Branch who seek to learn.

Our Dianic FaerieCraft Tradition

Our first and founding path is our Dianic FaerieCraft program. Those within the Apple Branch identify as Dianic Witches. In this program we follow a course of study heavily based on Druidic and Faerie lore. As such, we are creating a sacred life based on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors that includes being at one with nature. Can one be Dianic and Faerie and Druidic? There is nothing in any teachings that tell the followers what to believe. The Celtic people were a collection of tribes held loosely together by a common language. They shared similar beliefs, but their deities were local to them. That is because their deities and sacred traditions focused on the Land, Sea and Sky, right where they lived. They were the center of their own Universe. Many of them held a belief in One Source as the Giver of Life while at the same time saw many sources as sacred and deified them as well. Our studies are based on the teaching of the Ancient Ogham Alphabet used by the Druids. Learn more here.

Hekate’s Sanctuary – Women’s Mysteries Tradition

What are Women’s Mysteries? Much of the time Women’s Mysteries can be defined as what only a woman can understand, an inner knowing that comes from within, perhaps her ancestral DNA coming through to guide her through her life.

Others seem to focus only on the Women’s Blood Mysteries which are focused on her bleeding cycles her Lunar Mysteries, celebrated on new moons, full moons and dark moons. These are regulated by her own flow, menstrual cycle to menstrual cycle. Blood Mysteries can be celebrated in Solar Cycles as well, from birth to death, the cycle of woman that includes, her first menarche, a sexual coming of age, birth, and motherhood, followed by that time a woman truly comes into power in midlife. Finally comes that incredible time when a woman holds her own blood inside to access the wisdom of the Crone.

I like to think there is one last stage, when a woman is approaching death, when she has accepted what is to come and is at peace with it. She is often called the Hag. Carolyn Hillyer calls her Bone Crone in her amazing CD called Old Silverhead. The Hag is who holds the seed inside, that continues the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

For eons, women have come together to do their women’s work. Examples are quilting, sewing circles, corn husking, pea shelling and any other activity that draws women to sit, work with their hands and share stories. It is these stories that constitute and primary part of Women’s Mysteries. Drawing from their memories, their lives, in a space created for women and by women, safety and security allow women to share deeply of their own experiences and truths. This last serves as a container for all that woman is and can be.

Here in Hekate’s Sanctuary, we welcome all women to celebrate those Mysteries in all ways. We offer the container, for a daily, weekly, monthly and year-round celebration of the sharing of women’s wisdom.

Our Priestess training program includes full mentoring, online education, ritual opportunities and more….. For full information, please visit us here. 

Iseum Benedictus, an Iseum of the Fellowship of Isis

The Iseum Benedictus was created for serving men and women in their spiritual lives, no matter where they live, via the Internet.

We currently following the rituals in the Spiral of the Adepti. To join us, you must first become a member of the Fellowship of Isis, then join our Iseum. It will take until December of 2019 to complete all the rituals within this Spiral. That is a 15-month commitment between us. You may attend live, any time, with us online or do the rites in the privacy of your own home.

Please visit here for further information.

Hekate’s Tribe

Our newest path is coming sometime next year.  We are creating (with our shared knowledge) a path dedicated to the Study of Hekate and Her magic. The really exciting aspect of this new adventure is that we will be offering it here, live in Austin, Texas.  It will be available online as well, but our focus will be local. It will be open to men and women.

Go here to read what we are creating …

All participants in our paid programs can make full use of our online seminary, Liminal Thealogical Seminary, should that be a their desire.

Contact forms are available for each of our programs. We would love to hear from you!

Here is a little of the old teachings ….

roebuck_adultThe Roebuck hides in the thicket and the cuckoo utters, “where?” The Roebuck hides at the apple tree – the noblest tree of all, it is the tree of immortality through wisdom, the wild apple tree of the Sacred Thicket, the tree that hides the Roebuck.

The clue to the secret of the apple is to be found hidden within the apple. When the apple was cut cross-wise by Cuchulain’s sword, “night fell”. For when the apple is cut cross-wise each half shows a five pointed star in the center, emblem of immortality, which represents the Goddess in Her five stations from birth to death and back to birth again.

“I am a lure from paradise”

applestarThe popular conception of a grove is a collection of exceptionally well-formed trees set in a place of outstanding natural beauty. Under the friendly sheltering boughs of these arboreal sanctuaries our forebears were inspired to contemplate the wonders of the universe, particularly the countryside in which they themselves lived, and perhaps were prompted to first ask the question, “who created such beauty?”