A New Year is Here!!!

logoAwaken Women! A New Year is arriving!! Have you dreamed of finding a mentor, a woman who will take you by the hand and gently guide you on your path? Do you yearn for a Sisterhood, where you can truly be who you are?

The Apple Branch – A Dianic Tradition extends an invitation to come explore fully how to be the priestess that you are! We have an online classroom with over 60 classes (always growing) where you can move at your own pace, and where you can share what you are learning with others, as well as beautiful rituals to inspire you on your path through the Wheel of the Year – the Goddess Cycles of Moon and Sun.

We offer three programs. First, our most comprehensive, Dianic FaerieCraft that is Dianic Wicca with added European/Celtic Craft. Second, Feminist Dianic Wicca as it has come through Z Budapest, and lastly, our path for our Crones, the Wisdom Path.  When you are at the website, please be sure to read See What Women Say and the Comments About the Ogham

Women! Explore – Choose – and Join!!

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