A New High Priest in the Apple Branch

Claudiney PrietoI am so very pleased to announce the ordination of Claudiney Prieto of São Paulo, Brazil as a high priest in the Apple Branch – A Dianic Tradition. Claudiney hived out of Mavesper Cy Ceridwen, an Elder in the Apple Branch. This all began, first with my work with Mavesper, then in my travels to Brazil and finally meeting Claudiney via the Internet. Our relationship deepens each time we have the opportunity to visit. I am so very proud to call him “Brother.” As a high priest in the Apple Branch, this also makes him a high priest in the Old Dianic, out of Morgan McFarland and Mark Roberts as well as in the Faerie Faith out of Mark Roberts and Morgana.

Claudiney Prieto is a pioneer of Wicca in Brazil and is considered one of the most respected and well-known authors in Brazil who placed more than one book in the Brazilian ranking of best-sellers.

His most famous book, Wicca – The Goddess Religion, sold more than 200 000 (two hundred thousand) copies in Brazil. He also wrote the books, ABC of Witchcraft, All Goddesses of the World, Rites and Mysteries of Modern Witchcraft, Coven- Creating and Organizing Your Own Group, Wicca for Solitary Witches, Rites of Passage- Celebrating Birth, Life and Death in Wicca, The Arts of Invocation and Wicca for All.

Claudiney Prieto is the founder of Dianic Nemorensis Tradition (http://www.nemorensis.com.br) and a third degree High Priest in the Gardnerian Tradition via Long Island Line. He is also an ArchPriest in the Fellowship of Isis, member of the Fellowship of Isis ArchPriesthood Union and recently became the first man ordained by Zsuzsanna Budapest, receiving the title of Kourete in her Tradition.

He was the creator and founder of ABRAWICCA, the first Brazilian Pagan organization, and currently coordinates the Conference & Wicca Goddess Spirituality in Brazil (http://www.conferenciadewicca.com.br), the largest Pagan event in Latin America with national and international scope, where presenters share theories, thesis, views and discussions on the transformative experiences in Paganism and with the Goddess in her many manifestations.

He is founder and coordinator of the Free University of Pagan Studies (UNILEP), the first online school in Brazil dedicated exclusively to the study of Paganism and Thealogy by distance learning system.

In 2014, Claudiney created the World Goddess Day Project (http://www.worldgoddesday.com/), whose objective is reunite many people around the planet to afford the Great Mother of the world one day of visibility to share her many myths, stories and diversity forms of worship.

He is also the creator and a Trainer in Goddess Blessing and Goddess Healing, systems of blessing and healing centered in the Sacred Feminine.

Currently, Claudiney devotes most of his time to the organization of MYSTIC FAIR BRAZIL (http://www.mysticfair.com.br/), the world’s largest mystical fair and esoteric fair, held annually in São Paulo, Brazil.