Embody the Goddess

joyful_womanIf you are like me and view Goddess as everything – the entire web of life – then we cannot be connected to Goddess only in our heads.

We must see Her, hear Her, feel Her, dance with Her, taste Her, smell Her and finally we must KNOW HER. Somehow we drifted away from our natural state, engaging in life with our natural senses, including the intuitive.

Once we were right-brain functioning species but over time, with the development of written alphabets and a fast paced, artificially constructed environment we have become mostly left brained in our approach to life. This keeps us in our heads and out of touch with our bodies.

Yes, we use our senses but we are not aware of using them!

This leaves us disconnected and out of touch with the sacred. We are meant to be sensuous creatures! I believe we can return to our natural state using all of our senses with practice and a developed awareness.

If we are to fully embrace living a magical life it is important to remember how to live in our bodies comfortably and safely. If we re-awaken all of our senses, our awareness is expanded and our perceptions clarify and develop.

Without this, our magical life will not develop as it could. Our enjoyment of all that is Sacred will be impeded as if walled in and separated from all that is possible.


Engaging in full-body awareness with all of life will broaden our appreciation of the “whole” and our inter-connectedness to the web of life and our embodiment of Goddess.

This workshop begins with a guided meditation that leads into ways in which we can become more aware of how we use our senses. We will do exercises placing our focus in our bodies. We will look at how we enjoy nature, music, dance, our food and how our bodies live in a world of sensory input.

Your Guide To Awareness – Deanne Quarrie

deanne_2011_B_tiny copyDeanne’s work as a priestess began in the eighties and has been dedicated to helping women toward self-empowerment and in sharing with them the ecstasy of our Dance with Her. She became a high priestess in the “Dallas” Dianic Tradition in 1991, followed by ordination in the Faerie Faith in 1998. Finally, Deanne was ordained as a high priestess by Z Budapest in 2000. Her work with the Apple Branch combines all of these traditions, with a focus on Women’s Mysteries.

This from Deanne:

Really, I am a crazy old woman with pink hair and a vibrant love for life. Living my life with Goddess has helped me recapture the joy, imagination and play of my girlhood.

If I can say one thing to you it would be, “Be all that you can be. Open yourself to the divine soul that you are and walk hand in hand with Her. Dance with Her. Make love with Her. Write poetry and sing Her Many Names.”

Blessed Be.

Deanne Quarrie, D. Min., HPS