See What Women Say About the Apple Branch

As a student participating in the Apple Branch Priestess Mentoring Program, I feel completely supported and encouraged, within this Sisterhood, in all my spiritual, creative, and scholarly endeavors. The close mentoring from Deanne Quarrie, has enabled me to finally focus, and follow the path I know I am meant to be on, amidst all the distractions of everyday life. The deep wisdom I am gaining from the spirit of the sacred trees, has been life-changing. Never before have I experienced such rapid spiritual growth. I have loved trees all my life, but as I have come to know the trees, I have come to know myself. This program is such a blessing, and I encourage any Goddess Woman, who would like a deeper connection with the land, sea and sky, their ancestresses, and the Divine Feminine to follow their hearts on a journey with infinite possibilities.

~ Geileis ~

I looked for many years to find a Priestess Initiation training – and when I found Apple Branch I knew this was the place for me. Apple Branch has a special focus because it weaves the threads of several different traditions – it is a magic initiatory tradition based on the Old Dianic Tradition and Faerie Faith Tradition with special connections to ancient female Druidism known as Bandrui. The women of the Apple Branch identify as Witches but believe that much of what they do was done by the ancient Bandrui. As such, we are creating a sacred life based on nature as did those ancestors. I fell in love with this approach as it rather rare these days to have such a a beautiful eclectic approach that holds together in one whole and works not only in our modern world but also establishes deep ancestral lineages.

Deanne has the wisdom and insight to be able to forge such a tradition. Plus, she is able to support you through rough spots that everyone is likely to have in a journey to unfold your Priestess self. All that and Deanne is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She knows the Trees personally and she has encyclopedia knowledge about the Tree Ogham. Most importantly, though, she loves the Trees and works with them intimately in her life so her guidance is anchored in truth and authenticity.

I feel so honored to have taken this Apple Branch journey to embrace my Priestess self.

~ Morgana ~

I have known Bendis since 2003 when we worked on the Global Goddess Project, organized by her, and from that time I knew I was working with a gifted and marvelous Goddess Priestess and Elder. Her continuous work for the feminine in all aspects is an inspirational example to follow. I had more than 18 years experience on the Goddess Path and in public Pagan work when I joined the Apple Branch and began training with her in 2012, and I discovered then how committed to Goddess Work she was, and how capable she is in training people from everywhere on the Goddess Path, and specifically how she helped me to take my Ogham sacred work to another level. Always finding ways to share her knowledge, by internet and in person, she amazed me in the time we spent together. The Apple Branch is a family for me, and I learned a lot from Bendis about many things, but especially about the Ogham, because I believe she is a real authority on that subject. The amazing sisters that are in the Apple Branch Tradition show how Bendis is a living reference for Ogham and the sacred work of witches and druids. I am very proud to be with her and I thank the Goddess for this family.

~ Mavesper Cy Ceridwen, Apple Branch Elder, Matriarch and founder of the TDB- Dianic Tradition of Brazil ~

My path with Deanne and the Apple Branch Dianic Tradition began in 2004. Deanne has mentored me on my priestess path and then continued mentoring as I mentored others. Her devotion to Goddess and her women, her energy, focus and great knowledge is a source of continued inspiration. Despite years of experience, she is always seeking to learn something new and encourages us to do the same !

The members of our group span the globe and yet thanks to the ongoing sharing of Goddess work, Ogham knowledge, and the interests of daily life, there is a true sense of belonging, and when we come together in Circle, we feel it the closeness.

~ MutDanu ~

When I began walking the Pagan path I found more of a connection from a woman’s point of view. I began reading more about Dianic Wicca and the goddess connection. I spent years researching and it was all making so much sense to me and gave me a feeling of belonging. But where did I belong? I didn’t know anyone in the Pagan/Wiccan community let alone a Dianic. That is when I met Deanne. We began communicating by email and then she sent me an invitation to join a group. I was over the moon with excitement. That was ten years ago. Although I am no longer a student, having completed my studies and being ordained as a High Priestess of the Apple Branch tradition, she is still a very strong presence in my life. I owe her more than she will ever know. She saw the seeker in me and answered my call.

~ Lilitu ~