Faerie Faith

Our origins lie in what was originally called the Hyperborean Tradition, created by Mark Roberts in Dallas, Texas, in the late 70’s. Mark joined with Epona in Atlanta, Georgia and they created the Faerie Faith Tradition together. There are currently covens in Georgia and Alabama. Our Matriarch, whose Faerie Queen name is Elyn Fiach Dubh, also known as Bendis, Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears, was ordained by Boreas (Mark Roberts) and his high priestess, Morgana in 1997. Elyn Fiach Dubh was already a high priestess (1991) in the Dallas Dianic Tradition, now referred to as the McFarland Dianic Tradition. In September of 2000, she was ordained by Z Budapest, in her lineage, as a high priestess in Feminist Dianic Wicca.

In 2016, the Faerie Faith Branch of the Apple Tree returned to Texas with the ordination of a new Faerie Queen and the opening of two covens, one in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and the other in Austin.
It is currently only offered in Austin within the Cnoc Áine Covenstead.

The Tenets of our Faith

There should be a sensitivity, a belief of the spiritual reality behind what we refer to as “Nature”.
There should be a sincere love of Earth Herself and a desire to communicate with Her other children.
There should be a belief in the individual life of this planet and a certainty that it permeates the world.